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Personal and Team Branding, Using Unique Strengths while Collaborating

A Fresh Perspective to


Insights to
interrupt status quo

Clarify Strengths


Personal Development

Champion Talent



Unify Teams



Our Journey

Vicky DiGiovanni

Before children, I had a fulfilling  career where I gained an extensive background in Human Resources, consulting, and management.  After raising two wonderful kids with a husband who consistently traveled, I decided to return to the "workforce".   I knew that I could not return to my previous career because of the travel and long hours involved.   I was uncertain what I should do...and actually excited to try something new!   Afraid, but excited. After going through a long period of “feeling discouraged and stuck”,  I stumbled upon the Fascinate® Assessment.  This unique assessment was a valuable tool because it helped me see how others saw my strengths which I overlooked because they came so naturally to me.  It also gave me perfect words to use when describing myself to others and insights as to why I would approach things so differently than others including my husband. I realized that if I was struggling and "stuck”, others were probably feeling the same way.  This was the beginning of becoming an experienced Fascinate Certified Advisor and the start of Fresko Coaching & Consulting.    ​I first focused on people re-entering the workforce and then migrated to college students and professionals. With my extensive implementation experience, I now also work with teams.    My passion is to assist people and teams to re-vitalize themselves with clarity and untapped insights toward their goals in a relaxed but focused environment.

I look forward to connecting with you or your team to spark progress by interrupting your status quo

with a fresh approach and  insightful coaching in a relaxed and focused environment!

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How Do We Spark Progress?

We reveal distinct strengths while breaking through situations that block individuals and teams from reaching their goals.   Through focused conversation and a unique assessment tool, we are able to provide fresh perspectives in a short period of time.


Our individual and team clients walk away with a concise way to confidently describe their unique blend of strengths, along with effective communication tips that help in both work and personal interactions.

Our Journey
Individual Services


  • Re-entry into Workforce

  • Career/Job Changes

  • Revitalization

  • Direction Guidance

  • Self-Awareness

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Ignite Progress

Human Resources

Human Resources

  • New Employees

  • Role Changes/Matching

  • Personal Development

  • High Performers/Retention

  • Leader Development

  • Sales Effectiveness

Concisely define strengths, challenges, insights and communication tips for...


Champion Talent to

Effectively Incorporate New Employees

Quickly assimilate and engage employee with company and identify gap between work and employee's core essence

Team Development

Champion Talent to

Create an Effective Team

Provide clarity on individual strengths and team dynamics to strengthen team performance toward goals

Employee Development

Champion Talent to

Attain Employee Goals

Spark progress toward personal, departmental & company goals

Workplace Integration

Champion Talent to

Effectively Work Remotely

Overcome remote work difficulties typically gained by personal interaction

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Champion Talent

  • New Teams 

  • Cross-Functional Teams

  • Department Structure

  • Re-organization

  • Implementation Teams

  • Resourcing Business Development



  • Teams/Department Development

  • Re-organization

  • New Product/Service Resourcing

  • Start-Ups

  • Small Business Resourcing

  • Non-profit Boards

  • Professional Associations

  • Common Interest Groups

  • Annual Sales Kick-Offs

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Spark Productivity

Our Approach

Our Approach

Team Insights

Discovery of team's blended strengths, patterns & challenges, with a personalized Team Map

Team Development

Reveal path with role matching and collaboration & communication tips to meet team's goals

Team Engagement

Coaching on specific needs with tips for applying fresh individual/team knowledge and ways to work through challenges


Focused and comfortable conversation to discover personal roadblocks and goals

Fresh Approach

Fresh Insights


Core Essence Statement & Tagline  that concisely describe one's unique blend of strengths, motivation & approach

Communication Tips

Personalized tips on effective communication and collaboration approaches with different personality types 


Individualized coaching on applying revealed knowledge and ways to avoid challenges

How Do We Do This?


Initial Consult

20 minute complimentary

phone consult to determine fit &  most effective package



Define goals and gather information through focused questions and stories to identify patterns and applicable content



Explain in-depth Fascinate® Assessment results and provide personalized insights and tips



Collaborate to create clear and concise Core Essence Tagline & Statement differentiating your natural strengths, style, and motivation



Solidify your Core Essence Statement with continued focused coaching after personal reflection of knowledge gained



Follow-up or additional personalized coaching to ensure continued successful application of knowledge gained to meet goals 

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