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"As a seasoned HR professional, I was very impressed with the Fascinate® Assessment tool which has a different perspective by identifying how "others" see your strengths.   

Although the assessment tool is rich, Vicky’s knowledge, enlightening insights and guidance are what makes this Fresko program so incredibly valuable.

I walked away with a much better understanding of my blend of strengths and how to focus on them.   Vicky helped me concisely describe and authentically position myself to others while giving me insights on how to effectively adjust my communication with others."

Rhonda Allen,  Linked In
HR Consultant
Personal Growth,  2021
“There is great value in the one-on-one discussion.  Vicky’s process, tools, and skills helped connect information and provided insights into self-discovery and the “why” on my communication style.”

“Vicky’s process filled in the gaps from other programs and self-assessments.  I wish I had known about this process before, as it tied some “loose ends” together and helped me move forward to complete my entire branding process.”

“It isn't just a bulk of information that you must sieve through.  She takes you through it as a guided process.  Each step leads you to a fuller understanding of your authentic self and how to best communicate with others.”

Katherine Boosalis  (LinkedIn)
Senior Business Development and Product Marketing Professional
Career Transition,  2021