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Fresko Personalized Take-Aways

Fresko Summary

Personal Core Essence Tagline & Statement

The Core Essence Statement is a sentence which concisely articulates who you are,  how you work, and what motivates you.   The Tagline are two catchy words to describe your Core Essence Statement.

Fresko Personalized Summary

The personalized summary of all topics discussed during session including:

  • Personal Goals

  • Personalized Assessment Results

  • Tips to Avoid Challenges

  • Communication & Engagement Tips

  • Word Bank

  • Core Essence Statements

  • Helpful Tools to Meet Personal Goals

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"Engagement Tips on how to communicate & engage with others 

Fascinate® Advantage Report

Summary of your Fascinate® results along with videos from Sally Hogshead, creator of Fascinate Assessment.

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Team Take-Aways
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Team Map

A heat map visually displays the group's collective advantages and challenges.  It is also used to identify the team's overall top traits. These are then used to compare against the group's mission.

Example - Example

Example - Example

Example - Example

Fresko Personalized Take-Aways

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