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The Fascinate® Assessment

Some Background

The Fascinate system is based on a decade of proprietary research and the ground-breaking analysis of over one million professionals and their patterns of success.

Pioneered by two-time New York Times best-selling author and leading branding expert Sally Hogshead, the Fascinate Advantage® is the first personality assessment that shows you how the world sees you at your best.   The system reveals what makes you uniquely fascinating, providing a clear road map for leveraging that knowledge to improve communication, lead more effectively, and develop more balanced teams. 


Thousands of companies including iconic brands such as Twitter and Cisco are experiencing profound improvements in individual and team performance by putting the Fascinate system to use.

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Fascinate® Advantage Report

Summary of your results along with videos from Sally Hogshead, creator of Fascinate Assessment.


Is Fascinate® a diagnostic personality test?

It is a personality assessment but it is not stemmed from a psychology background but from a branding background.   It inspires rather than diagnoses. 

How does Fascinate® different from StrengthsFinder®?

Most of my clients seem to have a correlation with their StrengthsFinder® results.   Fascinate® reveals how others see you, and takes it a step further by providing information on your "unique blend of strengths".   It also provides the basis for working with an advisor to concisely articulate these blended strengths.  

How long does the Fascinate® Assessment take?

The assessment will take you about 10 minutes.  It is amazing how spot-on the results are with only 28 questions.  The assessment results are meant to reveal information which is then utilized by an expert Certified Advisor to provide personal insights toward identified goals.

Do I need a Certified Advisor to provide me with the results?

Well, you can take the assessment on your own.   However, 100% of my clients have stated that they would not have fully understood their personal results without an advisor to explain and apply their results.

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