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Want to Interrupt Status Quo?

Updated: Oct 26, 2022

Welcome to Fresko Coaching & Consulting


Igniting Progress with a Fresh Perspective for Individuals, HR, Teams, and Organizations


Hello, I am Vicky DiGiovanni. After deciding to formally return into the "workforce", I was uncertain on the best path to take, even with my extensive experience in Human Resources. I stumbled upon a unique assessment called Fascinate® that provided a fresh perspective on my strengths and the basis for the clarity I needed to move forward.

I was so impressed with this assessment, that I became a Fascinate® Certified Advisor allowing me to help others who find themselves spinning their wheels. Often, it is much easier for others to describe one's strengths and see their clear path than it is for them to accomplish this on their own.

This was the start of Fresko Coaching & Consulting. My company's mission is to collaborate with individuals and teams to spark progress with warmth, a fresh perspective, and focus. Our approach includes the uncannily accurate Fascinate® Assessment along with insightful coaching for insights to apply the results.

For individuals, we love to help those who are unsure how to move forward toward their next chapter and who desire to avoid repeating their roadblocks. We focus on their goals while coaching them on their strengths, their challenges (with a positive spin), and how to concisely articulate themselves. This will bring clarity, alignment, focus, and confidence in how they bring value to whatever they do.

Individuals - Clarify Strengths for Progress

Human Resources - Champion Talent for Engagement

For teams, we help ignite productivity by strengthening collaboration to increase effectiveness. We focus on the team's goals by first understanding each member's strengths and roadblocks. From there, group insights are gained through coaching. This will bring clarity on how to match roles to strengths and effectively work together.

Human Resources - Champion Talent for Engagement

Organizations - Unify Teams for Productivity

We hope you will reach out to us if you find yourself or your team needing to quickly break through roadblocks and spark progress.

Contact us to help defog your glasses.

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